• Top of the line, The best on the market!

    Fantastic Metal Snaps!

    Lasts and looks great for Years, a fantastic Value!

    Chemical Cape and/or Cutting Cape

    Great Multi Purpose Cape

    Great for Cutting, Color, Bleaching and Shampoo!

    Polyester/Nylon Iridescent fabric is shimmary and silky!

    Water Beads up and runs off the Fabric!

    Chemical and Stain resistant!

    Hair Does Not stick to the fabric!

    All fabrics do not soak through and all the fabric colors are color and bleach proof except White and Chrome, they are just resistant.

    *Leopard print fabric
    Incredable it’s color and bleach proof!

    This traditional cape is our best seller year after year. It fits clients of all ages with a generous 24 inch neck.

    This good size cape with a long back and front has 6 snap closure for a comfortable fit.

    Size: 50×60 inches

    We also can offer self gripping adjustable closure capes upon request!

  • Additional Information


    50×60 inches

    Fabric Type

    Silkara Iridescent Fabric


    Traditional Multi Purpose Cutting Cape in Iridescent Black Fabric