• Designed to keep hair away from the face, It has adjustable self gripping fasteners and is fully machine washable.
    Adjustable Size

  • Reviews (4)

    1. Tanner King

      Excellent for keeping my hair out of my way while washing, mudding, applying serums, make-up, etc.

    2. Jarred Wright

      Very nice size, can fit bigger sized heads. Soft material with good stretch and 3 inches wide.

    3. Donn Lopez

      These headbands are perfect for our spa. We have ordered some online in the past and they were not stretchy and didn’t fit most of our clients. But the width of these headbands are perfect and are stretchable.

    4. Trinidad Hill

      These are exactly what I wanted for washing my face. I recommend putting your hair in a quick ponytail before putting on just because it helps avoid the Velcro closures from getting caught in your hair…but you can still manage to avoid that if you are careful. I wish I had purchased them sooner.

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