• Black Super Cape in Silkara Iridescent Fabric

    The Black Silkara Super Cape is a top-of-the-line product that offers both beauty and function. The black barber cape is made from Silkara iridescent fabric, which is known for its lustrous sheen and durability. 

    Highlights of the Fabric

    1. The Silkara Iridescent fabric is also resistant to wrinkles, making it ideal for busy salon professionals who don’t have time to iron their capes after every use. 
    2. The cape features a full length that covers the body, providing maximum coverage and protection from hair products and chemicals. 
    3. The cape also has a convenient snap closure for easy on and off. When not in use, the cape can be neatly folded and stored away, making it an excellent space-saving solution for small salons.
    4. All fabrics do not soak through and all the fabric colors are color and bleach-proof except White and Chrome, they are just resistant.

    Features Offered by Black Super Cape

    1. Made with 55% Polyester and 45% Nylon Wonderful Iridescent Fabric, last long!
    2. Durable and comfortable fabric.
    3. It fits clients of all ages with a generous 24-inch neck.
    4. This super size cape with a long back and front has 6 snap closures for a comfortable fit
    5. The multi-purpose black Silkara Iridescent super cape is resistant to color and bleach.
    6. Ideal for chemical procedures, hair cutting, bleaching, shampooing, and coloring.
    7. Long in the back with an average dimension of 55″-60″ width by 72″ in length

    This Super Cape is also available in a wide variety of colors, simply pick what you love, and Salonwear will have it delivered. 

    Salonwear and Capes

    Salonwear is a leading manufacturer and supplier of capes, aprons, and other salon apparel. The company offers a wide range of products to suit the needs of every salon professional, from stylists and barbers to manicurists and estheticians. Salonwear’s capes are made from high-quality materials that are durable and easy to clean. 

    They are also available in a variety of styles and colors to match any salon décor. In addition, Salonwear offers special discounts for bulk purchases, making it an affordable option for salon owners who want to add a professional touch to their salon. By choosing Salonwear for your cape needs, salon professionals like you can be sure they are getting a quality product at a great price. Don’t forget to our other barber capes, you won’t be disappointed!

  • Additional Information

    Weight 13 oz
    Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 in
    Fabric Type


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    1. Norbertao

      Nice Quality Good Length Comfortable Material Guys go for this , its awesome!

    2. Norbertao

      Nice Quality Good Length Comfortable Material Guys go for this , its awesome!

    3. Napoleon Johnson

      Nice Quality Good Length Comfortable Material Guys go for this , its awesome!

    4. Jerold Williams

      It is simply awesome cape, I loved it!

    5. Fritz Jones

      This a wow product for me. The product is as it is shown in the image.

    6. Rosendo Brown

      Last week I purchased the black color super cape, the best thing I liked about it is easy to wash and can be used for many purpose.

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