Short Client Gown and Short Sleeve Silkara Iridescent Fabric in Black


The Black Short Client Gown is made with the finest quality Silkara Iridescent fabric.

This Salon Robe comes with a front closure, drop shoulder sleeves, two storage pockets, and a removable belt.

  • Short Client Robes by Salonwear

    The client’s comfort is of utmost importance in any salon, or spa. So why not provide them with the best possible robes? Salonwear’s Short Client Robes are made of 100% Silkara Iridescent fabric for unbeatable comfort. They’re also lightweight and have a snap closure for easy on and off. Plus, they’re machine-washable for easy care. Best of all, they’re available in a variety of colors to match any décor. Give your clients VIP treatment with Salonwear’s Black Short Client Robe. You’ll be sure to see the difference in their satisfaction!

    Features Offered

    1. The Black Short Client Robe is designed for full coverage and is one size fits all. 
    2. Well-equipped snaps for the front closure, short drop shoulder sleeves, two storage pockets, and a removable belt.
    3. Crafted to suit both men and women! 
    4. Made from our top-notch Silkara Iridescent fabric that is water resistant (the client will not get wet even with long hair) feel free to do any treatment, color, bleach, etc. 
    5. Don’t worry about staining the salon smock or clothes.
    6. Like this Black Short Client Robe, all of Salonwear’s Short Client Robes are made in the USA.  
    7. For that special added touch, your clients will look and feel great wearing your client salon gown personalized with your salon or spa logo. 

    Personalizing Your Salon Robe

    When you enter a salon, the first thing you notice is the relaxing atmosphere. second to that is the apparels offered. Usually, they are made of 100% velour cotton or Silkara Iridescent fabric which gives the feeling of being at a luxury spa. Your salon’s robes can be personalized with either embroidery or screen printing. 

    Embroidery involves needlework that sews your design into the fabric using thread. Screen printing is a cheaper option that uses ink to print your design on the robe. This type of printing is great for large orders and simple designs. Choose whichever printing method best suits your needs and add a personal touch to your salon’s robes!

    To learn more visit the custom salon robe page, so you can make your salon smock look fabulous!

  • Additional Information

    Weight 10 oz
    Dimensions 10 × 13 × 1 in
    Fabric Type

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    1. Nenita Lenahan

      Very nice and beautiful color! The tie around the waist makes the fitting perfect.

    2. Natisha Lemen

      This is what just I needed for my clients. Thank you salonwear!!

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