Black Ruffle Apron with Rhinestone Scissor and Comb


Feel like a glamorous hair stylist with the Black Ruffle Apron featuring a rhinestone scissor and comb design. The ruffles add a feminine touch to this practical apron, making you feel chic and sophisticated while you work. The rhinestone detailing on the scissor and comb accents the apron, turning it into a statement piece. Get ready to turn heads with this stunning black ruffle apron.

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  • Bling Ruffle Apron with Rhinestones

    Bling ruffle aprons with rhinestones are a Salonwear specialty. Designed with love and care for professional hairstylists to be worn in salons. These ruffle aprons will keep you functional and stylish, providing a protective layer for clothing while also adding a touch of flair to the wearer’s outfit. The bling apron with rhinestone scissor and comb design gives it an added bold and eye-catching touch.

    This black ruffle apron is a fully-functional apron that can be used for hair cutting, hair styling, and more. You do not need to change your Silkara apron between customers. 

    Features of Bling Apron with Rhinestone Scissor and Comb

    1. Ruffle Apron is made with top-quality black Silkara Iridescent fabric
    2. This apron is durable and long-lasting
    3. Can be washed multiple times, and wouldn’t lose its shape
    4. Comes with two pockets, for carrying your valuable tools around
    5. The long ties, are great to provide fitting and form to the wearer
    6. Long ties also have snaps attached to them so you can make adjustments when needed
    7. Has a scissor and comb rhinestone design
    8. Best for hairstylists or interns working in a salon
    9. Provides a professional look, that states you are dedicated to your work


    Bling Apron with Rhinestone Scissor and Comb design is all you need to make your mark and look professional when attending clients. We also have these bling aprons for a wide variety of professionals like you. Salonwear also offers salon products – salon aprons, hairstylists capes, salon robes, and more. Don’t forget to check out our other categories as well. 


    Happy Bling Shopping!

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    Weight 5 oz
    Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 in