Leopard Print Polyurethane Salon Cape


Two-tone cape for salons with black polyurethane top and leopard print bottom. Best suited for wet treatments in a salon or home setting. Made in the USA with the finest fabrics, that will last you for years to come. Customization options are also available with this leopard print two-tone cape.

  • Silkara Iridescent Fabric Salon Cape

    Welcome to the top-quality black and Leopard Print Polyurethane Salon Cape, which is waterproof and made from Silkara Iridescent fabric by Salonwear

    Features of Leopard Print Cape

    1. As with all of our salon capes, this black waterproof Polyurethane top and Leopard Print Silkara Iridescent fabric bottom is made from the best waterproof and advanced long-lasting fabrics that are chemical and stain resistant. 
    2. This cape is color-proof and a great value that will last for years. 
    3. It can be used for, all wet treatments. Plus it is great for haircutting, coloring, bleaching, comb-out, and shampooing. 
    4. Hair will not stick to the Polyurethane top or the 55% Polyester and 45% Nylon fabric bottom. It will help keep your clients cool, comfortable, and dry. 
    5. The neck size is 12”-24” inches and is adjustable for kids to X-large necks. Comes with an average size of 50” wide by 60” in length. 
    6. Only the best barber capes use our durable signature stainless steel snaps. 

    Customizing your Waterproof Leopard Print Cape

    Whether you’re a professional stylist or you just like to do your own hair and nails at home, a salon cape is a great way to keep your clothes clean and dry while you work. And what could be more stylish than a personalized Leopard print salon cape? 

    Waterproof and durable, this cape will protect your clothes from stains and spills, and the Leopard print design will add a touch of fun and flair to your salon experience. Best of all, you can easily add your name, logo, or any other text or image you choose. So why settle for a boring cape when you can have a one-of-a-kind leopard print salon cape that expresses your unique style?

    Like all of Salonwear’s garments our hair styling capes, gowns, robes, and aprons are made in the USA. Visit our embroidery and screen printing services to learn more about how to personalize your hair stylist cape or garments with your salon logo, name, or message.

  • Additional Information

    Weight 9 oz
    Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 in
    Fabric Type