• Highlights

    Hair will not stick to fabric

    Chenical Resistant

    Water Resistant

    Liquids Run Off Fabric

    Dark Colors are color proof

    Made with Salonwear’s signature never rust metal snaps

    Cut, Color or shampoo in the versatile cape.

    Buy Direct from the Manufacturer and Save! Made in USA

    Iridescent Fabric Multi-Purpose Salon Cape is the best value on the market!

    Great for Color treatments and shampooing!

    Top of the line quality and the best, long-lasting, Salon Cape on the market

    Welcome to the best top quality Dark Green salon cape and or barber cape on the market! As with all of our garments, this dark green hair salon cape is made from our advanced long lasting Silkara Iridescent fabric that is chemical and stain resistant. This Dark Green hairdresser salon cape is color resistant and a great value that will last for years. This fantastic cape can be used for a cutting cape, coloring cape, bleaching cape, comb-out cape and shampooing cape. Hair will not stick to the 55% Polyester and 45% Nylon fabric on this stylist cape and it will keep your clients cool and comfortable. Our styling cape neck size is 12”-24” inches and is adjustable from kids to X-large necks. Our salon cape average size is 50” wide by 60” in length. Only the best barber capes use our Signature durable stainless steel snaps. Like all of Salonwear’s garments our hair styling capes, gowns, robes, and aprons are made in the USA. Visit our Branding page to learn more about how to personalize your hair stylist cape or garments with your salon logo.


    Averages 50” inches wide by 60” inches in length

    Adjustable Neck from 10” to 24”

    6 snaps per side 1’ inch apart

    55% Polyester and 45% Nylon Fabric

    Salonwear signature rust free metal snaps

    Durable water and stain repellent coating

    ½ inch top collar piece


    Product Story

  • Reviews (5)

    1. Izetta Valentino

      This hair salon cape is really useful the hair don’t get on the shirts of by clients.

    2. Hiedi Trantham

      Nice cover up for hair cuts. Arrived on time. Would recommend this.

    3. Get Styled USA

      Great hair salon capes and smocks! My clients love them. I ordered in bulk – 24 pieces.

    4. Vemon Hair Point

      This vintage barber cape has a very nice supple material that covers down to the mid-shin when the individual is sitting down. It has just the right amount of thickness and is adjustable around the neck. I used this when giving my daughter a haircut at home. It was easy to use and not too slippery to handle. I have been giving her hair cuts for years but was always using an old plastic curtain to keep the hair from sticking to him. Now I have a professional nylon salon capes to use. The hair cleaned off easily and it cleans up well with a little water. I highly recommend this for all home hairdressers and even for barber shops and hair salons. This is a good, durable and well made barber cape for a very reasonable price. I imagine this would easily clean up in the washer and dry quickly after hanging. The cape looks just as it does in the picture.

    5. Norbarto Davis

      This is for our home use as we were just using a piece of plastic. The three of us really like the cape. Great neck closure of this haircut, catcher cape. Hair falls right off. Thank you.

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