Multi-purpose Black Iridescent Salon Cape


We have taken this cape to the next level with our special iridescent Silkara fabric that is resistant to water, chemicals, colors, and stains.
As the manufacturer, we take the utmost pride in all of the products that we produce for you in the USA.
When you use this multipurpose cape, whether it be for shampoo, coloring or any other salon treatments, you can be assured that you are getting the finest quality cape that will last for years to come.
Made using our signature stainless steel snaps that are guaranteed to last. The neck size is adjustable to fit all of your clients.
Available in a variety of colors and can be branded with your salon logo.
  • Multi-purpose Black Salon Cape

    Welcome to the best top-quality Black Iridescent Salon Cape and or barber cape on the market! As with all of our garments, this black hair salon cape is made from our advanced long-lasting Silkara Iridescent fabric that is chemical and stain-resistant. 

    Highlights of Black Iridescent Salon Cape

    If you’re looking for a salon cape that will make a statement, look no further than the Black Iridescent Salon Cape. This cape has  ½ inch top collar piece and is made from high-quality materials and features an eye-catching black iridescent fabric that is sure to turn heads.

    It’s perfect for salons who want to add a touch of glamour. Plus, it’s easy to care for and machine washable. So, what are you waiting for? Order your Black Iridescent Salon Cape today! Here are some of the amazing features offered by this salon cape-

    1. Hair will not stick to the 55% Polyester and 45% Nylon fabric on this stylish cape and it will keep your clients cool and comfortable. 
    2. The fabric is resistant to chemicals, stains, and water. The liquid runs off the fabric
    3. Dark Colors are color proof making them great for color treatments and shampooing. 
    4. This fantastic cape can be used for a cutting cape, coloring cape, bleaching cape, comb-out cape, and shampooing cape.
    5. Made with Salonwear’s signature never rust metal snaps. 6 snaps per side 1’ inch apart.
    6. Cut, Color, or shampoo in the versatile cape.
    7. 55% Polyester and 45% Nylon Fabric
    8. Our styling cape neck size is 12”-24” inches and is adjustable from kids to X-large necks.
    9. Our salon cape average size is 50” wide by 60” in length. 
    10. Only the best barber capes use our Signature durable stainless steel snaps. 

    Customizing Black Silkara Salon Cape

    Like all of Salonwear’s garments our hair styling capes, gowns, robes, and aprons are made in the USA. Visit our Branding page to learn more about how to personalize your hairstylist cape or garments with your salon logo.

    Buying directly from Salonwear can also help you save a lot of bucks! When it comes to barber capes, there’s a wide range of choices available to choose from. The possibilities are endless, so take your time and browse around to find the barber capes that are right for you!