• Salon Cape in Skulls Print

    Top of the line, The best on the market!

    Lasts and looks great for Years, a fantastic Value!

    Chemical Cape and/or Cutting Cape

    Great Multi Purpose Cape

    Great for Cutting, Color, Bleaching and Shampoo!

    100% Polyester Iridescent fabric is shimmery and silky!

    Water Beads up and runs off the Fabric!

    Chemical and Stain resistant!

    Hair Does Not stick to the fabric!

  • Reviews (5)

    1. Fernande Pettus

      I am a skull lover.. So this was perfect for me! And the price was excellent!

    2. Elwanda Palm

      I love the print very much. Stylish hair cutting cape!!!

    3. Trim Crim Curls

      This is big enough to cover just about anyone This will certainly keep the hair off clothing! And what makes this cape my favorite, is its print Skull printed cape is a best fashion icon for your salon

    4. Fringe

      Skull print cape was sent out within 24 hours of my purchase It’s just what I ordered and needed It’s large enough to cover my 6 foot 2 husband and my little boys Hair shakes off easily so it’s easy to clean I’ll recommend this printed cape to all those looking for something more stylish

    5. Tresses

      Works well, no more hair down the shirt Love love love for this skull printed multi purpose salon capes

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