• Great to apply foundation and power!

    * Removes make up instantly!

    * Work wonders for skin care and facial treatments!

    * High tech Fabric Engineered for applying and blending power and foundation

    * Hypo-allerenic and professionally tested!

    * Gently cleans, exfoliates and smooths

    * Designed for getting in tight spots

    * Resistant to bacteria and germs

  • Reviews (4)

    1. Usha Campbell

      Very good product for removing makeup

    2. Toshiko Parker

      Nicely blends foundation and other products also quite reasonable than you can get at nearby shop

    3. Theola Evans

      Very easily and smoothly removes makeup, it is very soft

    4. Tashia Edwards

      Just smooth and very firm..blends foundation and concealer beautifully ??????my personal experience is get it…I was always fan of my brush but this win-win

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