Multi-purpose Blue Bib Salon Apron in Waterproof Polyurethane Fabric


Waterproof Polyurethane treated fabric, where liquid beads up and run off!

Resistant to water, chemical, and stains!

The best part is it is also hair resistant.

Don’t worry about your tools, our Blue Bib Salon Apron has 3 pockets- 1 top and 2 bottom

Long tie belts for great form and fitting. 

Salonwear’s adjustable signature snap closure!

Superior quality and workmanship!

Machine safe

Reinforced stress points!

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  • Bib Salon Apron in Blue

    Looking for the best Bib Aprons on the market? Look no further than Salonwear! Made with high-quality waterproof Polyurethane fabric, the blue Polyurethane Bib Apron is the dream of every salon owner. Resistance to multiple chemicals, and hair makes it an ideal choice.

    What’s So Special About It?

    1. Our advanced long-lasting waterproof polyurethane fabric with a Trico backing, and is chemical and stain-resistant.
    2. It is the perfect choice for 
      • Cutting 
      • Coloring
      • Bleaching
      • Comb-out, and 
      • Shampooing 
    3. Hair will not stick to the fabric, and water or chemicals will not go through it. 
    4. Our salon apron also features one top pocket and two bottom patch pockets, as well as long tie belts. 
    5. This best Blue Polyurethane Bib Apron uses our signature durable stainless steel snaps with an adjustable neck to fit all stylists. 

    So don’t settle for less – choose Salonwear for the best in quality and value.

    Let’s Customize Your Bib Aprons

    As a hair stylist, you know that your clients expect nothing but the best from you. After all, they’re entrusting you with their most important asset – their hair! A big part of providing an exceptional experience for your clients is making sure that you’re well-equipped with the right tools and gear.

    That’s where Salonwear comes in. We offer custom bib salon aprons that are not only stylish and professional but also functional and durable. And because we know that every stylist is different, and offer a range of customization options in embroidery and screen printing, so you can design an apron that’s perfect for you.

    Like all of Salonwear’s garments, our hairdresser aprons, gowns, robes, and capes are made in the USA.

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    Weight 6 oz
    Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 in
    Fabric Type


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  • Reviews (3)

    1. Cut Chop California

      Perfect for my height, as i’m short heighted person, and well made. It is not easy finding hair dresser aprons for short people.

    2. Faustina Russey

      This hair dresser apron is beautiful and fits well. Salonwear great customer service that is really concerned about quality and pleasing the customer. Recommended!

    3. CL Beauty Salon

      This apron is exactly what I was looking for. It’s lightweight and also fits perfectly. Finally I get rid off that heavy plastic apron I’ve been wearing!

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