Crocking: All Salonwear fabric items should be washed with similar color items, to prevent bleeding.

Not recommended to wash light colored fabrics with dark colored fabrics. Not recommended to wash capes with towels.

Washing instructions: Machine wash warm water, tumble dry low, may take out and hang dry, use no bleach.

Fabric Types and Colors – Hair Resistant Clothing, Hair Color Capes

Salonwear’s Fabric Choices:
100% Nylon

Indestructo material is made from 100% breathable oxford nylon that is jet laundered, and specially treated with a stain and water repellent in order to provide you with the utmost protection during a wide variety tasks. Indestructo material is resistant to hair colors, permanents, and most chemicals found in salons and laboratories. Industructo is a hair-resistant material and liquids will bead up and run off, creating a protective barrier.

Polyester Cotton

We use the finest Cotton/polyester blended material available. All garments are fully shrinkage-controlled and crease-resistant for longer durability and better comfort. Easy to clean and maintain, these garments afford you the advantages of cotton and polyester rolled into one.

Iridescent Fabrics

Introducing Iridescent nylon is a bi weave, combing the hue of two different colored fabrics. One colored fabric interwoven with a second creates a glow, highlighting each color into a shimmering, brilliant fabric.

Stretch Terry Fabrics

The Knit Terry fabric is made from the most durable cotton polyester blended knit yarn giving our styles strength to hold up wash after wash.

P. U. Fabric

Made with a waterproof p.u. top and backed with black tricot.

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