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Spa wrap – Whether you own a professional spa or are simply hoping to create a spa atmosphere at home, a splendid spa wrap is a perfect companion to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. Down memory lane, there was a time when wrapping salon towels was quite awkward and uneasy although however soft your towel may be. But now has apparently made it easier and offer spa wrap with a hook and loop adjustable closure.

Best Body Wraps for Women

Wraps available in Spa category fastens securely with a soft elastic band across the back and hook and loop closure up front. Browse the extensive range of cozy and stylish body wraps in calm color collection and styles that will keep the warmth without compromising on fashion. Smart selection of fabric and style is more than a necessity, especially if you want to make a quality statement. Spa wraps are made of the softest, most comfortable materials, including stretch Terry Fabrics, Spa cuddle fabric, Waffle Weave Fabric and Minky Dot fabric that are all soft and supple and feel great to the touch.

Wide Collection of Body Wraps Available!

The options available are wide, keeping in mind buyers requirements. Get ready to enjoy being pampered in complete comfort when you are a customer at any spa or get ready to pamper your customers in these excellent spa wraps.

Stretchy expansible women’s wrap accentuate your spa look, get them at the best affordable price. Also, they have a plus point that they can fit to larger sizes too. Finest range of products is available for volume order purchases. The good news is that there are great savings on wholesale shopping on products such as wholesale spa wraps, terry wrap wholesale, wholesale towel wrap, loop closure wrap, full body wrap at wholesale price, ladies spa wrap, tube body wrap, cotton spa wrap and many more.

The latest variety of Salonwear’s wraps can be categorized into three different types being:

After wearing this body cover you can do all your beautifying like blow dry your hair, put on makeup, try different hair doos or just relax after an awe-inspiring spa treatment, everything in total comfort in this spa wrap.

Body Wrap With Hook And Loop Closure has 40″-42″ length and is made from 75% cotton and 25% Polyester with soft Waffle Weave Fabric along with elastic and self-gripping fastener closure. Spa Wrap With Hook And Loop Closure available in different colors and fabric are velvety soft along with being flexible. White Tube Body Wrap With Elastic And Drawstring Top fulfill the purpose of wrap very well. Made from premium fabric.

Personalize you Spa Wrap with your Salon & Spa Logo

Gifting someone a personalized spa wrap is a brilliant choice. It will make the person extremely happy after seeing their name or logo over it. Custom spa apparels are what makes stand out of hundreds. Visit the branding page where you’ll find that customization is done in exclusive ways known as:

  1. Embroidery

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