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“Super” Swanky “Super” Coat
Another marvelous product offered by Salonwear is the super coat. This top quality super coat, also known as the super jacket, is one out of the many uniforms that Salonwear offers for your spa and salon needs.

The other products available at Salonwear are salon capes, cutting capes, barber capes, spa body wraps, spa uniforms, terry headbands, sleeveless vests etc. We offer a plethora of beautiful and comfortable spa and salon apparel and accessories for you to choose from.
What we Offer:
The super coat by Salonwear is an innovative and easy to wear product. The chic design and innovative fabric of these super jackets are sure to give a swanky feel to your salon. Our super jackets feature two hairless pockets, 5-6 buttons in front, a stylish neckline, and a scallop bottom. Barber jacket, zip smock, big shirt, super lab coat, caftan are also available at salonwear.
Super Jacket: Material and Sizes
This product offered by Salonwear is available in two different types of fabrics, namely the silkara iridescent and 100% antron nylon. These fabrics are extremely comfortable and user-friendly. The silkara iridescent fabric is stain and chemical resistant. This feature gives our super coats an edge over other similar products available in the market. The super coats in 100% antron nylon fabric come in medium, large, extra large, and double extra large sizes, while the super jackets in silkara iridescent fabric come in medium, large, and extra large sizes.
Color Collection in Supercoat:
The super coats offered by Salonwear come in varying colors depending upon the material. In the silkara iridescent fabric, the super coats are available in colors such as black, bronze and brown, whereas in the 100% antron nylon fabric, the salon coats are available in black color only.
Customization on Super Salon Coat:
Apart from our wide range of salon apparel and spa accessories, our specialty lies in helping you establish your brand. We customize your apparel and uniforms with your logos. This not only strengthens your brand identity but also differentiates your brand from other spa and salon brands. You can customize your salon logo on the products you purchase from us. For customizing your fabulous supercoat, we use two unique and high-quality branding techniques such as Screen Printing and Embroidery. Our embroidered and monogrammed salon coats are sure to get your customers impressed!
Why Choose Salonwear’s Super Coat?
Striving to make rapid and continuous progress in the spa and salon apparel and accessories industry since the past 31 years, Salonwear has eventually emerged as one of the top quality products sellers. We have a large and loyal pool of happy and satisfied customers. With our constant focus on understanding the current trends and designs in the spa and salon apparel space, we have successfully expanded our reach across the US. We believe the following factors are the reasons behind our massive success:

   Top quality and durable products
   Happy and loyal clients
   Good knowledge of the spa and salon industry
   Quick service delivery
   Stylish and innovative fabric and product designs
   Highly qualified and experienced spa and salon designers