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Salonwear Short Client Gown with Short Sleeves

Salonwear is an experienced and trustworthy organization dealing in the beauty and salon accessories and apparel market. Here at Salonwear, we are constantly trying to boost customer satisfaction by launching new and innovative salon products and apparel that fulfill all our client’s needs. Our truly unique and new salon apparel is the client gown with short sleeves.

What is Short Sleeved & Short Length Salon Gown?

This apparel has been designed in a way to improve your client’s salon experience. Our designer short gown has short sleeves and is professionally designed to provide comfort to your clients. The gown with short sleeves is apparel that will upgrade your salon’s quality.

What are We Offering?

Salonwear’s client gown with short sleeves is a high-quality salon apparel that is made from one of the most superior fabrics available. The short sleeves gown provides not only unmatched coverage and protection but also ensures easy movement. This product serves to protect your clients’ clothes from any spilling accident.

The other types of robes for salon that we offer are spa robes, client gowns, sleeved capes and gowns, designer gowns, Euro wraps, and big shirts.

This salon apparel can be used in many salon activities such as coloring, cutting, and washing hair, and makeup application. Your clients will feel absolute pleasure while wearing this beautiful gown. The gown with short sleeves is available at very reasonable prices.

Material, Color, and Size in Short Client Gown

The Salonwear client gown with short sleeves is available in two fabrics – iridescent silkara and 100% Antron nylon. The iridescent silkara fabric is a polyester and nylon fabric that safeguards your clients from any chemical and stain spillage. This fabric is breathable and lets your clients stay cool throughout their day of spa and salon activities. The iridescent coat of the silkara fabric gives a luxurious feel to the product.

The Antron nylon fabric is a durable fabric that allows your clients to wear it for long periods of time without any worry.

The Salonwear client gown with short sleeves is available in a single color – classic black.

Why Should You Choose Salonwear?

Salonwear is a US-based family-owned and operated business that has had the great opportunity to be the market leader in the salon apparel and accessories industry for the last 31 years. We offer top-quality products and that has made us a reliable and trustworthy name in the industry.

We always succeed in offering products that are exclusive and innovative to satisfy our clients. By following current trends and predicting future trends in the industry, we work day by day to bring new products to our clients. We have a large pool of happy and satisfied clients. With our hard work and expertise, our Salonwear family is ever expanding.

Reasons For Our Success :

  • Well-established brand
  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • 100% top-quality fabrics
  • Exclusively designed products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Co-operative and experienced staff
  • Chic, trendy, and innovative product designs
  • Wholesale prices to fit all budgets