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Exquisite Salonwear Euro Wrap
One of our most popular products is the essential spa and salon Euro wrap. Recognizing the need for this apparel in the salon industry, Salonwear is proud to introduce the European body wrap, a garment made of high-grade fabric. Salonwear’s European style salon gown is designed with the latest technology, making it functional yet sophisticated. It is designed to provide complete comfort to anyone who wears it.

Owing to its great quality, chic design and affordability, the European wrap is a great professional apparel that is a must-have for any salon or spa. The Euro wrap by Salonwear is a great product and is available at highly competitive prices.
Our Offering in European Body Wrap
Salonwear offers many types of robes such as client gowns, designer gowns, cape/ drapes, sleeved capes and gown, and big shirts. Salonwear’s European body wrap is one of a kind salon wrap that provides complete coverage from spillage. Your customers will have a seamless salon or spa experience when they slip into this cozy robe before or after their salon treatments.
What is Euro Wrap?
The Euro wrap is a mid-calf length salon wrap with three quarter length sleeves with a snap on the upper left side of the wrap. It includes a belt inside as well as outside, thereby providing utmost comfort to the wearer. The double belt feature also allows your customers to get a good fit.

The exclusive fabric gives the Euro wrap a lustrous appearance, ensuring your customers look elegant and stylish. This Salonwear wrap can be used during washing or coloring hair, applying make-up, styling hair and other such beauty services. The Salonwear European body wrap also ensures easy movement of the body. This product is a must buy!
Material, Size & Color of European Wrap
Salonwear’s Euro wrap is made from exquisite iridescent silkara fabric. Silkara is a polyester and nylon fabric that protects your customers from any stain or chemical spillage that may occur during beauty treatments. The material is breathable, allowing your customers to always feel relaxed during any salon treatment.

This beautiful wrap allows your customers to feel not only comfortable but also ultra luxurious. Although Salonwear’s European wrap is available in one size, it is made to fit larger sizes. The overlap of the wrap provides extra girth to accommodate most sizes. This wrap is currently only available in one color: vintage black.
Why should you choose Salonwear?
Salonwear has been the market leader in the US salon and spa apparel and accessories industry for the past 31 years. Our experience and expertise help us fully understand the needs of our clients. The knowledge of beauty salon uniforms and apparels; that we have gathered over the years has helped us in forecasting future trends. Salonwear is a family owned and operated business that treats each client as its family.
Our Wide Collection
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Factors that have led to our success :

Customer satisfaction is our primary focus
Wide range of salon and beauty accessories and apparel
New, innovative designs
Top quality products
Durable materials and fabrics used
Wholesale pricing
Co-operative and experienced staff