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Spa Robes Waffle Weave fabric in White

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Spa Robes Spa Cuddle fabric in White


Luxury Spa Robes in Bulk
Do you want to give your clients a warm and cozy spa experience? Well, you’re in luck because spa robes are the perfect solution! By providing your clients with comfy spa robes, you can enhance their relaxation and make them feel extra special. So why not give it a try and see the difference it can make in your client’s overall spa experience?

A spa facility needs many things of which, and having luxurious robes is one of the essentials. Robes for spas come in a wide variety of materials, one should drill down on the specific type before investing in the purchase. For instance, it’s important that you decide, if you want to buy spa robes for women, embroidered robes, or men’s robes. Salonwear also offers you the option of buying spa robes in bulk.

You can add perfection to your spa therapy, with these robes for the spa. Offer your guests the perfect cozy spa robes, to wrap themselves in, pre and post-treatment. It’s of utmost importance that you invest in the best robes for the spa, more than anything else, at your facility.
Best Wholesale Luxury Spa Robes for Guests
Robes for the spa are considered one of the best robes in the ‘robe’ category, as they are soft, feather-light, and most likely the most comfortable robes that have ever existed!

Salonwear offers the best spa robes at wholesale prices. Our quality robes for the spa come in various qualities and styles, you can choose from regular fit women’s robe, a men’s robe, or a waffle weave robe, you should drill down on the exact specifications before going ahead and making the purchase. But, whatever you choose for your professional spa, you won’t regret the purchase from Salonwear!
Fabrics of Luxury Spa Robes
A spa robe is usually made of lighter-weight materials like waffle weave or spa cuddle fabric. These fabrics are great for spa clients as they are breathable and won’t retain as much heat as heavier fabrics. Here are the different types of robes offered at Salonwear-
Spa Cuddle fabric
Perfect if you’re looking to buy the softest material. As you can tell from the name, it’s best if you just want to chill and feel the soft fabric on your skin, before and after your spa therapy sessions.
Waffle Weave fabric
A sure shot, and a best seller in the category of spa robes, and certainly considered one of the best spa robes, this one comes in one size to match even the most oversized styles. Made with keeping the convenience of the wearer in mind, the waffle spa robe comes with two deep pockets, that allow you to carry any accessories or valuables that you might want to keep aside or take off while enjoying a spa.

Apart from that, it also has a nice weave belt, which gives you a firm fit, when you wrap it around the two loops, of your spa robe. It also serves the purpose of a good quality towel, which would soak in the moisture well, if you’ve stepped out right of a steam session.

The waffle weave spa robe is so comfortable and soft, that you might want to wear it all the time while lounging at home, or in the bath. You would not want to take it off!
Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Spa Robes in Bulk
While it may seem like an easy task to purchase a spa robe online, you only realize that you should have known what to look for, when you get the wrong product delivered.
Ideally, the things you should look for in spa robes are-

Do you want to buy a gender-specific robe, like men’s wraps, or Muu Muu robes, or do you want to go with a ‘one-size-fits-all’?
The kind of weave do you want to go with?
Most important of all, do not ever compromise on the quality of the spa robes, as it definitely adds to the whole experience of the spa therapy.

Why Choose Salonwear’s Spa Robes for Women & Men?
Salonwear has been a distinguished market leader in the salon and spa apparel and accessories industry in the US for the last 35 years. We are trustworthy partners for spa and salon apparel. We believe in delivering high-quality products and exceptional designs that are comfortable and modern. Years of experience has made it possible for Salonwear to emerge as one of the market leaders in this vast industry.

We offer solutions for all your salon and spa wear needs. Started as a family business, now with many years of experience in this industry, Salonwear has the right knowledge of the customers’ dynamic requirements. With our dedication and excellent service, we have created a large family of happy and loyal customers.
Our core offerings include:

Top-quality salon and spa accessories and apparel
Wholesale robes available
Extensive range of products to choose from
Innovative product designs
Comfortable and durable fabric
Pocket-friendly prices
Friendly, cooperative, and highly experienced staff