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Muu-Muu Stretch Terry fabric in White


Salonwear Muu Muu Robe with Lace

Our spa and salon apparels are designed in a way that they are able to endure repeated usage. Our extensive range of products includes salon robes for women, towels for hairdresser, soft and cozy body wraps, classic and stylist barber jackets and many more! These luxurious products are sure to impress all your spa and salon clients.

At Salonwear, we use latest technology and contemporary designs to meet our clients’ requirements. Salonwear’s latest salon and spa product, muu muu, is designed to keep your customers comfortable, relaxed with our cozy robes. With Salonwear products, your clients will have an enjoyable spa and salon experience.

Owing to the features and stylish design, this muu muu robe will soon become one of the most coveted salon apparel in the market. The budget pricing of the Salonwear muu muu will be a perfect addition to your salon and spa and will fit all budget needs.

What is Muu Muu Spa Robe?

Salonwear’s muu muu soft robe is a high-quality spa apparel that is calf length, has a boat-neck, half sleeves and also has a tie up belt. This beautiful muu muu robe protects your clients from spillage and prevents their clothes from getting damaged.

The fabric used for the construction of this robe is cool, comfortable and durable. This soft and light muu muu robe will give a relaxed feeling to your clients. The attached belt helps clients to clinch the robes at the waist.
The Salonwear muu muu robe is exclusively designed to provide maximum comfort and style to your clients. The special design of the robe makes it easy to wear and remove.

Material, Color and Size of Soft & Lightweight Muu Muu Robe

The Salonwear muu muu robe is constructed from an exceptional fabric called stretch terry. The stretch terry fabric is one of the finest fabrics available in the market. This terry cloth robe material is soft, plush fabric that provides a cozy snug feeling to anyone wearing it.

The fabric’s high absorbent property makes it the most loved fabric for salon and spa apparel and accessories. It can soak large amounts of water, thus safeguarding your clients from any spillage. This makes the robes soft and lightweight.

Salownear’s muu muu robe is also an easy maintenance apparel that can be washed and dried easily. The strength of the fabric makes it our muu muu robe a durable apparel. Our muu muu robe comes in a classic white color. This tranquil white color is sure to leave your clients relaxed and happy.

Why should you choose Salonwear?

For the past 31 years, Salonwear has been the market leader in the US salon and spa apparel and accessories industry. We are a highly recognized name for our top-grade and innovative products and excellent client servicing efforts.

Salonwear is a family owned and operated the business where we treat each client as a part of this growing family. With our experience and expertise, we have retained a large pool of happy and satisfied clients. And with our knowledge and hard work, this client base is ever expanding.

Factors leading to our success :

  • Top quality products
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Innovative, trendy designs
  • Trustworthy name
  • Wholesale prices for all budget needs
  • Chic, trendy, and comfortable fabrics
  • Wide range of products to choose from