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Super Capes: Multi-purpose Quality Capes
Keeping your salon spotlessly clean is essential for its success. Working with salon products can get really messy for both your clients and staff. If you’re looking for a convenient, one-stop solution to this problem, Salonwear brings to you a wide range of top-quality salon hair cape apparel, each designed carefully to serve its specific service requirement. Our wide range of super capes provides the right kind of coverage and comfort to make the whole salon experience a great one.
Why Choose Super Capes?

The extra length of the super cape is 60 by 72 inches, which makes them unbelievably comfortable.
These also provide maximum protection and coverage and keep your customers free of hair strands and liquids. 
The capes are super lightweight; the innovative fabric is highly durable. 
All the capes are color and bleach proof too, except those in White and Chrome, which are resistant. 
We also have a vast collection of salon capes, makeup capes, printed capes, comb-out capes, kids capes, capes for kids, waterproof capes, etc.

Materials & Sizes of Super Capes
Each super cape is a top-quality product made from fabrics like-  Peachskin, Silkara Iridescent, and waterproof Nylon Taffeta. These luxurious fabrics give it a feel-good texture and make it durable at the same time. 

The best part is the ‘one-size fits all’ with large dimensions that provide the apparel with an adjustable closure that is easy on the body, especially on the neck (up to 24” inches of neck space). The six-snap closure on the front makes it the right fit for each client- super capes for men, and women.
Different Colors of Super Capes:
Apart from the classic black and white, we offer a vibrant and exciting range of assorted colors to jazz up your salon-  

Dark Green
Brown and 
Navy Blue. 

These striking colors are sure to keep your salon looking fresh and impressive.
Why should you choose Salonwear’s Super Capes?
Being the industry leader in salon apparel in the United States of America for the last 31 years, Salonwear has become an extremely trusted brand over the years. Our team truly believes in delivering top-quality products, making our large number of customers repeat buyers.

By offering trendy and innovatively designed fabrics, Salonwear is sure to make your salon stand out.
Customizing Super Capes for Your Business
We strive to be different from the rest. Along with our apparel offerings, we also help you establish your brand by providing various customization services. Why?

Customizing your logos on apparels not only represents the authenticity of your salon and reinforces your brand identity to the customers but also gives the whole salon environment a professional look.

The customers are sure to take away lasting impressions. How? The logo customization can be done through Embroidery and Screen Printing on selected products.

We are a family business and our experience and knowledge about this industry help us serve our customers’ requirements well. Keeping our customers happy is our topmost priority.
We pride ourselves in offering:

Top-quality salon apparel and spa accessories
A wide range of products to choose from
User-friendly, comfortable fabric
Innovative, easy-to-use, and trendy designs
Durable and long-lasting products
Quick service
Customization and branding expertise
Excellent customer experience

At Salonwear, we also take care of your spa and makeup needs, that’s why we offer excellent quality spa headbands, robes for the spa, long-lasting spa uniforms, and makeup remover cloths for naturally removing makeup without damaging skin.