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Stylish and custom salon capes at Salonwear

Capes can be defined as a most important item in your salons, it is the first thing you do to your client is to put on a cape for protection from the elements. Salonwear offers a wide variety of Barber capes, each designed for a specific purpose such as salon cutting capes, professional color, and tint capes, beauty salon capes, capes for Blow-outs and up-doos, multi-purpose capes, shampoo capes and many more. Stylist capes branded with your logo enhances your image and bring customer loyalty.
Hair cutting and styling capes are designed to keep your customers free of hair and liquids. Barber capes are structured and tailored to meet the everyday requirement of the multitude of washing. A beautiful cape around your customer sets off your gorgeous hair cutting. All cutting capes have a long front, large snap neck and go down over the back. They are offered in different colors, fabrics, prints, and styles.

Different categories of Capes at Salonwear

Capes for barbers are categorized on the basis of requirement, (hair cutting, polyurethane hairdressing capes, cute salon capes, shampoo, professional color capes, cosmetology capes, kids salon capes) mood, trend, customer each having their own substantial needs. They categorized as:

  1. Salon Capes: They are the basic multi-purpose cutting capes used for all haircuts, giving a perfect start to your gorgeous hair cutting.
  2. Super Capes: They are used for total coverage as they are one of the largest on the market.
  3. Combination Cape with waterproof Polyurethane top and Silkara Iridescent fabric bottom: They are amongst the most useful capes as they are waterproof Polyurethane on top and fabric that breathes on the bottom.
  4. Comb Out / Kids Capes: These are specially designed for kids keeping in mind their size and shape.
  5. Make Up Capes: To cover up your neck and shoulders during make-up application.

Why choose Salonwear’s?

We are a brand dealing with the vast range of salon & spa apparel and accessories. With you get things directly from the factory that saves up your third-party cost which is one of the most agreeable facts with Salonwear. Salonwear treats its very client as a family member and stands out for their needs. Following are the featured points which will make you think for Salonwear:

  • 100% satisfactory salon wears
  • Convenient Hours
  • Supremacy in its quality of fabric
  • Wide range of products under one roof One-stop Shop for salons and spas
  • Believe in innovation
  • Excellent and cooperative staff
  • Highly affordable prices
  • Customized salon apparel
  • Designs according to today’s stylist and estheticians need and demands

Getting your salon capes customized with Salonwear

The fact that makes us different from others is our customised apparels. Salonwear’s
most astonishing service is customizing salon apparels. You can not only have the most trendy or stylish design but you can also brand yourself by customizing your logo on the apparels which makes your identity stand out among hundreds. Branding can be done in two ways:

  1. Embroidery
  2. Screen printing

The little payoff can be used in branding, advertising which attracts customers towards your salon. At Salonwear get Covered with Innovation.

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