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Salon & Spa Aprons at Salonwear

Salonwear offers a wide range of aprons, each designed for a specific purpose and need.

For instance hair stylist aprons, salon aprons, stylist aprons, haircutting aprons, hairdresser aprons and cosmetology aprons. Salonwear is where you will get stylish salon and spa aprons that will give a professional impression and fashionable look.

Salonwear has over 30 years of experience manufacturing high quality salon and spa apparel.

With customized aprons you have the choice of Embroidery or Silk Screen with your salon logo or name on each and every apron. What a great way to present your Salon or Spa to your customers with the option of personalizing your aprons. One great aspect of Salon and Spa Aprons is most have pockets that stylist love, helping to store scissors, combs and other accessories. Salon & spa aprons not only strengthen your appearance but will also act as a shield to safeguard you and your clothes from stains and chemicals while working. Let’s take a look at our wide variety of salon & spa aprons:

  • Bib Apron: The Bib Apron is stylish and functional and is a favorite amongst everyone in the beauty industry. This amazing apron is now offered in a multitude of colors and fabrics.
    Depending on the apron fabric it is offered in water resistant, color and stain resistant and color proof as well as water proof. Also hair does not stick to the remarkable fabric that is used for all salon aprons and spa aprons. The bib apron has good coverage as it is longer and adjustable around the neck with Salonwears signature sturdy snaps. There are also 2 front pockets and a belt that can be used in the back or tie it to the front for a different stylish look.
  • Bombshell Apron: Sexy Marilyn Monroe inspired salons apron. This Black hair salon bombshell apron is made from our advanced long lasting Silkara Iridescent Black fabric that is chemical and stain resistant. This hairdresser apron is a throw back to the years gone by. This is a great apron and can be used for a cutting apron, coloring apron, bleaching apron, comb-out apron and Shampooing apron. Hair will not stick to the 55% Polyester and 45% Nylon fabric on this stylish Bombshell apron. This Black styling apron has two piece fashion top and decorative front belt with two long belts, 2 patch pocket below the belt and neck straps that you tie to your liking. Like all of Salonwear’s garments, our hair styling aprons, gowns, robes and capes are made in the USA. Visit our Branding page to learn more about how to personalize your hair stylist apron or garments with your salon logo.
  • Princess Apron: Princess apron has a perfect design around the neck which enhances the appearance like a princess. It’s perfect fitting adds as a bonus feature! Its unique channel design also offers easy access for clips.
  • Ruffle Apron: Ruffles remained a fashionable form of trim, off-and-on into modern times. Ruffle aprons has a Strape around the neck and a graceful frill ruffle attached at the bottom part which is a captivating feature for this apron.
  • Sweetheart Aprons: They are the most attractive and eye-catching aprons. Sweetheart aprons Design in a such a way that making a heart like shape on top and Strape around the neck. Perfect finishing and appearance of this apron meets the needs of salon apron.
  • V-Neck Apron: V Neck apron as its title says has a V-shaped neck and strape around the neck for perfect fitting and finishing. We offer many iridescent colors. The fabric quality of the apron is undoubted and unmatchable.
  • V-Neck Apron with Trim Bottom: V Neck apron with Trim bottom has an add-on feature in which the bottom of the apron is enhanced by a short trim. Only in black
  • V-Neck Apron with Trim Bottom and Ruffle Tops: V-Neck Apron with Trim Bottom and Ruffle Tops has a blend of trim and ruffle feature which adorn to the simple V-neck apron, only in black